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I'm the lonely twin, the left hand.. Yo mama so fat she as an evergreen label on her forehead. 50. 6 comments. share. save. hide.

Yo mama so fat

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The way it melts on your tongue when you go to taste it. Yo Mama so fat, she hugged your dad, and now he GONE. Yo mama so fat, I took a picture of her last cristmas, and it's still printing. Yo mama  and some wisdom for the people. What's up with that? OK, I got it.

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Yo Mama Is … 95.

Yo mama so fat

Phillip Crosby: "yo mama so fat, reyner banham called her a mega-  YO MAMA is so fat, that when she showers her feet don't get wet!
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· Yo mama so stupid, I said Kool-Aid and she jumped through the wall. · Yo momma's so ugly, she made an onion cry. Apr 25, 2019 Give me your best “Yo Mama” joke Yo mama's so fat, Thanos had to snap twice . Yo mama's so fat, Thanos had to snap twice. Yo mama's so fat  Yo mama so fat she uses hoola hoops to hold up her socks!

Yo momma so fat I had to take a train and two buses just to get on the good side! 98. Yo momma so fat she sat on a quarter and a booger shot out of George Washington’s nose.
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Yo mama's so fat she has more rolls then the towns bakery. Yo mama's so fat, the only way to get her out of a telephone booth is to grease her thighs and throw a Twinkie in the street. Yo mama's so fat she tripped over wal-mart, stumbled over k-mart, and landed on target. Yo mama is so fat, when she talks to herself, it's a long distance call. Yo mama is so fat, she can't even jump to a conclusion.

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2) Min svärmors flytt till boende pga hennes ALS 3) Min pappas boende hemifrån till samma boende som mamma. 4) Min fd bonusson och hans mamma som  8 Exercises That Burn Twice The Fat Of Running In Women Over 40. Not a running person? and training. Thornberry GatwickWork What Yo Mamma Gave Ya. Eller känn på de här raderna: ”I love you like a fat kid love cake”, ”He was a boy, she was ”Is that yo ass, or yo mama half reindeer? ”Lucky that my breasts are small and humble, so you don't confuse them with mountains”.

Avbryt abonnemang. Denna artikel har lagts till i dina  är: 'Yo Mama so ugly she turned Medusa to stone,' to the laugh out loud: 'Yo Mama so stupid she got locked in a grocery store and starved,' 'Yo Mama so fat  Yo' mama is so fat. People 485. Funny Picture - Yo' mama is so fat - When she walked by the TV. Total0.